20S-WAW-S1 is a ‘20Standard’ 4Ground kit, as you would expect it has loads of detail and pre-painted parts.

As a part of 4Ground’s immensely popular ‘World at War’ range it makes a great defensible objective in any European action. Add these buildings to your battlefield and you will have a gaming table worth fighting for! As part of a battlefield this complex really helps when creating an interesting scenario; either as an HQ in North West Europe during the Second World War or a strategic objective during a Napoleonic action. In rural environments farm buildings were the most substantial of local terrain and so often they became pivotal points in larger battles because it was so easy to turn them into defensive bastions, even during the Napoleonic Wars this could lead to them becoming blasted ruins in a short period of time.

The centre of the farm complex is the farmer’s house. The materials used to construct the house show the wealth of the occupier; with coursed cut stone to the front of the house and cut Ashlar detailing this house is an expensive investment and money was saved by having the rear and side elevations constructed with coursed rubble stone and cut Ashlar quoins. Based on double pile construction methods with two rooms either side of a central hallway. At the back of the house would be the kitchen with the possibility of adding a Lean To/Dairy on the back.

The outbuildings include a hand threshing barn, where raw materials would be threshed to separate the grain and straw with the straw kept in the barn. From there the threshed grain would be taken to the Granary/Cart Shed to be stored until sold, this building’s bottom floor is where the Farmer would keep their carts and wagons. Another product the Farmer would produce would be hay, which would then be stored in the Hay Loft ready for use or for sale later versions of the Hay Loft would have had a weatherboarded front and the ground floor is for additional storage. The final outbuilding is the Pig Stye, this is in a traditional arrangement with a covered section and a walled yard, the covered section has been made into a hen house with a ramped access point.

The internal and external walls of this kit are pre-painted and etched with stonework, with little external details like window shutters, and much more to the overall effect of this high quality laser cut model kit. Each storey is removable allowing maximum in-game access to each one of the many rooms. The storeys are held in place with locator lugs in each corner.

This set gives you £14 off of the SRP of the products if bought seperately.

Product Code: 20S-WAW-S1

20mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures by Plastic Soldier Company not included.

This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 5

This kit includes: 1 x 20mm North West European Farm House (20S-WAW-101), 1x 20mm Pig Stye (20S-WAW-102), 1x 20mm Hay Loft (20S-WAW-103), 1x 20mm Granary/Cart Shed (20S-WAW-103), 1x 20mm Threshing Barn (20S-WAW-104), 1x 20mm Lean To/Dairy (20S-WAW-AO1), 1x 20mm Farm Complex Walls (20S-WAW-A02)

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20mm North West European Farm Complex

  • Product Code: 20S-WAW-S1
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