Frozen City Ruins - Wooden Doors

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Product designed by Supreme Littleness Designs, Produced by 4Ground Publishing.

These kits are supplied with 4GRP - Render Powder

Length 28mm x Width 28mm x Height 55mm x4

Miniatures Not Included.

Included in this kit are two left and two right sided door models. They each stand on a single floor tile. They are sized to fit the standard arched doorways.

The Frozen City Ruins range is designed for a frozen world setting of ruined buildings. Wooden door models are not included as standard. This is because most things made of wood are imagined to have disintegrated long before. However, these door add-ons can be used as door spell markers and are available for games that require them. 

These door models used together with the floor models might be useful for dungeon-crawl type games.

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