Project Utopia CITYSCAPE

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Project Utopia CITYSCAPE building collection. Each building is made using
separate elements that can be mixed and matched for greater creative options. The
buildings pictured are an example of what can be made.

Set includes:

One (1) LDS-EL-101 (Length 125mm x Width 105mm x Height 75mm)
One (1) LDS-EL-102 (Length 35mm x Width 105mm x Height 130mm)
One (1) LDS-EL-103 (Length 115mm x Width 195mm x Height 130mm)
One (1) LDS-EL-104 (Length 205mm x Width 105mm x Height 130mm)
One (1) LDS-EL-105 (Length 205mm x Width 35mm x Height 120mm)
One (1) LDS-EL-106 (Length 235mm x Width 35mm x Height 90mm)
One (1) LDS-EL-107 (Length 55mm x Width 75mm x Height 125mm)

Miniatures are for scale purposes and are not included.

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