Shopping Mall: 100mm Ground Floor Store Extension

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Peter Douphres felt that as if the last few years hadn’t been enough now 2051 threw the ghouls into the mix.  Making his way from Fayetteville in Missouri to what had been the Georgian Theocracy, he thought escaping the roving bands of scavengers making there way through what had become known as the vastness.  Then some how the ghouls started appearing, at first in small numbers, then larger and larger numbers.  This year just couldn’t get any worse.

Now after grouping up with some additional survivors he is making his way to the town of Twin Peaks, supposedly there is a mall there with everything they could need.

This kit contains one shopping mall ground floor shop allowing you to extend your mall.  This is designed to work with the 100mm or 200mm floor and roof extension.

Dimensions: 100mm x 290mm.

This product is pre-painted and miniatures and furniture is shown for scale purposes only.

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