Corner Palisade Wall

Corner Palisade Wall

Corner Palisade Wall
Corner Palisade Wall
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28S-FAR-130 this is a “28Standard” 4Gground kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

The door creaked as Ernst entered the tower, “You still up Dieter? Another round?”. The last word caught in his throat as he took in the
scene in front of him. Seeing Dieter slumped across the table, with his head ripped off and resting in the corner, Ernst let out a whimper.
From the blood pooling around Dieter’s body were naked footprints that then went up the wall and out through the roof lookout.

A blood chilling scream cut through his paralysis like cold water flowing down his spine. He turned and ran out the door, back onto the walls. Scanning the encampment
he noticed the tents torn apart, cloth hanging from the fort walls, stained in the blood of his friends. Turning toward a noise of incoherent gibbering, he locked
eyes with Werner seconds before the ghoulish woman smashed aside Werner’s musket and plunged her claws into his neck, arterial blood flowing into the night.
Blood sprayed in a gurgling foam from Werner’s throat, as the beast dropped him to the floor it turned its malformed visage toward him, face a leather skinned
mask drawn back across her skull.  Meeting the cold dead eyes with his own, the monster a mockery of everything she used to be Ernst made a decision: glory was overrated.

These walls are common throughout the Teuden League and are made of stout wood from the surrounding forests. The rampart below the
walkway is filled with earth and stone to make it resistant to attacks from beasts and siege engines.

This kit contains:

One corner wall section

Dimensions: 75mm x 75mm