River Defence Bastion

River Defence Bastion

River Defence Bastion
River Defence Bastion River Defence Bastion River Defence Bastion
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Product Description

28S-FAR-A06 this is a “28Standard” 4Gground kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

All was quiet on the river today. You wouldn’t have guessed that a Reiver force had stormed down the river only 3 days ago if naught for all the
arrows sticking out from the jetty. Gunter and his fellow Langa River Wardens had been hard-pressed protecting the civilian barges from the
onslaught, the battle lasting long into the night, his muscles still burned with the deep ache of his exhaustion. However, just because the fight
was over, didn’t mean they could end their vigilance. They’d lost three of their eight men and other bastions, both up and down the river, had
suffered similar losses. Longer watches would be in place until fresh wardens could be sent from Mordanburg. The warm midday sun kissed his
skin and glistened on the river, his eyes moving toward the horizon he noticed the dark stain of smoke in the air.
The next bastion upriver, its warning torch was lit. There was trouble on the way...

There are two variations of the kit in this box. It can be built with a door to make a ground level bastion or without a door and placed on a Teuden
Legaue tower.

This kit contains:

One bastion

Dimensions: 116mm x 116mm x 125mm