Power up your base, power up your weapons, heck you can power a whole city block with this thing!

This Power Generator is an eye catching centre piece, that looks great on your tabletop and makes for an
awesome sabotage objective. The large amount of copper vent pieces, used for the cooling grill, makes for
an exciting view as you survey the battlefield. In game the wide footprint is great for blocking lines of sight and
restricting movement in certain areas – and also provides your units with much needed cover!

The Power Generator can be combined with the 2MM Transmission Substation for an even cooler looking
terrain piece. These can then be connected together for an ultimately cool large power terrain set up!

This kit contains:

x1 Power Generator
Length 140mm x Width 45mm x Height 92mm

Please note; These products are not available on 4Ground Publishing for Australia or New Zealand,
if you wish to order for those countries please order from Battle Kiwi directly;


Miniatures are for scale purposes and are not included.

This is a smaller version of the 28mm kits.

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Micro Star Battle: Power Generator

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