15mm D-Day: Operation Neptune

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The formidable Atlantikwall was built by the Wehrmacht to guard the French coastline from invasion by the Allied Powers. This bundle comes with enough fortifications, barricades and entrenchments to build an entire Widerstandnest (resistance nest/strongpoint).

This bundle deal includes the following kits:

15S-EAW-128 - 15mm Concrete Bunker x2
15S-EAW-132 - 15mm Machine Gun Bunkers
15S-EAW-A05 - 15mm Czech Hedgehogs
15S-EAW-A06 - 15mm Dragon’s Teeth
15S-EAW-A08 - 15mm Barbed Wire Sections x2
15S-EAW-A09 - 15mm Minefields
15S-EAW-A10 - 15mm Small Gun Fighting Positions
15S-EAW-A11 - 15mm Trench Walls
15S-EAW-A12 - 15mm Large Gun Fighting Positions

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