15mm Damaged Semi Detached 3

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15S-EAW-113D this is a 15Standard 4Ground model with high detail and pre-painted parts.

Once fighting had moved into the urban area it became a desperate and gritty affair with each house and ruin requiring heavy fighting to push the enemy out of it. 15mm Semi 3 has taken an artillery shell to its upper storeys causing one house to loose all bu the ground floor and the other house’s upper floor has been removed by the force of the blast!

This laser cut model is supplied pre-painted with 4Ground base paints, once glued it is ready for your table. Etched with a high level of detail, it has separate stone cills and heads as well as high levels of internal and external details. As you would expect from our 15mm Europe at War range each door and window is finely cut and etched with all the details to bring the model to life.

The roof is fully removable allowing access to the attic and the top floor and attics are removable to allow you to have men placed in every floor.

15mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures not included.

This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 4

1 x 15mm Damaged Semi 3

Product Code: 15S-EAW-113D

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