15mm Hotel Complex Collection

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15S-EAW-S3 is a ‘15Standard’ 4Ground kit, as you would expect it has loads of detail and pre-painted parts.

As a part of 4Ground’s immensely popular ‘Europe at War’ range this makes a great defensible objective in any European action. Add these buildings to your battlefield and you will have a gaming table worth fighting for! As part of a battlefield this complex really helps when creating an interesting scenario; either as an HQ in North West Europe during the Second World War or a strategic objective during a Napoleonic action. In urban environments Hotel buildings were often some of the most substantial of local terrain and so often they became pivotal points in larger battles because it was so easy to turn them into defensive bastions. Many hard fought street fights revolved around holding easily securable buildings like the hotel complex and even during the Napoleonic Wars this could lead to them becoming blasted ruins in a short period of time.

A welcoming sight in peace time for many a coach bound traveller this C18th Hotel (with better food and accommodation than a Coaching Inn) offered a welcomed respite on long journeys. Coaches would unload their passengers outside the front of the hotel at the front entrance with portico, they would then come through the coaching arch into the courtyard where the horses would be unharnessed and taken into the stable. The coaches would be stored in the coaching shed or in the courtyard depending on how much a customer paid. The kitchen has been built onto the hotel to allow cooking and food preparation to be done in a purpose built building, they would then take this to the restaurant that the hotel would often have.

Many of these hotel complex’s grew over many years, the first building would have been the main hotel, then the coaching stable. As the hotel became more prosperous it was extended to accommodate more customers and a coaching arch was added to allow access to a walled courtyard. Finally the cookhouse was added due to the high demand of good quality food.

The buildings roofs and storeys are removable allowing maximum in-game access the interiors. They are held in place with locator lugs in each corner.

15mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures by Battlefront not included.

This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 5

Includes: 1 x 15mm Corner Hotel (15S-EAW-120), 1x 15mm Cookhouse (15S-EAW-121), 1x 15mm Stone Coaching Stable(15S-EAW-122), 1x 15mm Hotel Complex Courtyard (15S-EAW-S3-1)

Product Code: 15S-EAW-S3

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