15mm La Haye Sainte Washroom Walls

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On the morning of the 18th of June 1815, when battle was imminent, the men of the
2nd Light Battalion of the Kings German Legion were sent to take up a defensive
position in and about the farm complex of La Haye Sainte, there to await the
inevitable bloody engagement against Imperial French forces. The ensuing battle
would go down in history as the final and pivotal major engagement of the
Napoleonic Wars, this battle would be forever known as the Battle of Waterloo.

By 18:30 the defenders were still holding firm, but now they were down to roughly
5 shots a man. Firing the last of their ammunition they then engaged their
tenacious French assailants in brutal building to building, room to room
close-quarter fighting. By now, with no ammo left and all the time more French
swarming over the walls and on top of the roofs of the buildings, the defenders
were in an untenable position, they had to withdrew from their last stand in the
farm house, off through the garden.

Dimensions: 125mm x 105mm x 14mm

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