15mm PPH-011

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The Primary Phase Habs produced by Koppell Heavy Industries are so well regarded that corporations outside of the Orienstien & Schaur corporate family regularly purchase them for their colonies and townships.  These corporate hab units are stamped with the purchasing corporations details but KHI always mark the buildings with their logo.

Primary Phase Habs are commonly seen in the townships of the Iapygian Sink being the most numerous of buildings in many areas.  Such townships have been in their time the sites of many colonist last stands, as townships are often attacked by marauding outlanders.   For generations such rugged pioneering home owners have lived or died based on their skill with their blaster, as most communities do not have a Peacekeeper or Peacemaker barrack or recruiting station.  For such remote communities know unless they are very lucky peacekeeper forces are never going to get to them in time to save their families from the outlanders. 

Approximate Dimensions: 97mm x 59mm x 48mm

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