19th C. American Freight Train Set (Black)

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This set contains:

so providing a 28mm Engine and Tender, 28mm Flat Car, 28mm Stock Car, 28mm Box car and 28mm Caboose (all of the above in black) and 36" of straight tracks.

There are magnets underneath to allow the wheel arches to turn on all the cars and they fit our 28mm New tracks. The tender comes with coal and there is space in the engine’s fog-light and firebox for LEDs, if you have them. The stock and box cars have two sliding double-doors and removable rooves. The caboose has working doors, a removable roof and the following furniture: a stove, table, desk, chair, 2 benches and 2 beds, still with space for a 25mm base to move down the centre of the car.

Miniatures are for scale purposes and are not included.



275mm x 54mm x 83mm - Engine and Tender
204mm x 52mm x 26mm - Flat Car
205mm x 57mm x 74mm - Stock Car/Box Car
172mm x 51mm x 92mm - Caboose
930mm x 43mm x 5mm - Straight Tracks

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