2 Far East Asian ‘Te Guruma’

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Known as ‘Te Guruma’ hand carts in rural Japan, these two types of East Asian Hand Cart with their rustic design are typical of such carts found throughout Eastern Asia from the earliest of times.  In fact they were still to be seen as very common man powered vehicles during World War Two and even the Vietnam War.

The smaller bodied cart is pulled along behind the porter, usually with a strap also over his shoulder to enable him to lean into his work of towing his load.  The larger of the two carts sometimes known as a ‘Push-Pull’ cart, may have not only a couple of men pulling in the front but also a couple more men pushing from the rear.  The ‘Push-Pull’ could transport much greater loads because of the extra man power and with it’s larger wheels it was better suited to more uneven roadways.

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