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Bud Davis was born and bred in Chicago Illinois, his father ‘Stan’ had come to ‘The Windy City’ all the way from Birmingham, England.  As a trained jeweller from the ‘Gold Quarter’ of Birmingham Bud’s old man found himself for many years earning a good living engraving bespoke work on to beautiful firearms.  

His mother, Elli was originally from a little place called Smallbrook, Illinois, but times have changed and being one of the last stops on ‘The Chicago Way’ Smallbrook has become a growing suburban town.  It was to his mother’s home town that Bud’s father moved to set up business in his first trade as the owner of a jewelry store and repair service, he also enjoyed maintaining time pieces and watch repairs.  Bud learned his trade from his father and as time past and his father retired Bud took on the business.  

When Bud left for the war in Europe, Stan came out of retirement but now Bud is back he can take it easy again.  The thing is Bud’s a changed man, war does that to you, and what’s more you make friends with types of guys who you would have crossed the street to avoid before the war.  Stan knows sometimes Bud even lends his hand to striping guns of notable markings, with of course ‘no questions asked’ of customers who provided the guns requiring this service.  He has tried to talk sense into Bud but he just acts deaf’n’dum or gets all ansty.

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