Fyrburgh Fort

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28S-FAR-S7 is a “28Standard” 4Ground set with high detail and pre-painted parts.

The Fort of Fyrburg in the province of Doria sits below the ruins of Karpoth-Haim, its wooden walls, towers and battlements the closest buildings to the ruined Dwarven city.  Built after the second Druggoi Incursion by the men of Fellendorf the intention is that Fyrburg will be able to provide a bastion against any new Incursion from Karpoth-Haim.

The walls are made of Fellendorf pine and the battlements have rocks and mud from the mountains within their wooden frames to protect them from siege engines and the monsters that roam the hills.  The towers allow the Fellendorf Hreathweard Guard that are stationed there to use their bows and throwing spears to rain down upon enemies attacking the walls.  The gates are made of the same stout Fellendorf pine that the walls are made of and have a stout plank to bar them.

The Hreathweard stand vigilant against the possibility of another Incursion and regular forays into the city of Karag-Haim take place.  This has only increased with word coming from Governor Rumtsrum of the increasing activity of Dragoul within the ruins of Daldorr.

Fort Fyrburg is of a style common throughout the Tueden League and White Wynfell in any area with an abundance of wood.

This kit contains 8 Corners, 4 Straights, 6 Towers and 2 Gates.  When fully assembled the fort covers an area 3' x 2'





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