Jesserai Industrial Black Friday Bundle

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28S-JES-BF this is a “28Standard” 4Ground kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

The megatropolis of Olympus has been carefully sculpted by the megacorporations over the centuries to be a heavy manufacturing centre for their interests in the solar system. As the terraforming of Mars finished, people and materials were shipped over from Earth to begin constructing the first colony buildings and the infrastructure to maintain them. These early industrial sites would grow exponentially to become the powerhouses of industry that they are today.

The Industrial Wards can be a maze to those who’ve not lived in the depths all their lives, with layers upon layers of structures and avenues for all the industry and people that live and work there. Several Union HQs are located at the hubs of each main district, better able to coordinate the workers. Orders for the major and lesser corporations arrive daily, everything from vending machines to parts for trans-solar vessel fusion engines.

Competition for exclusive contracts is fierce, even leading many Unions to open warfare with one another. The Hydra Union is well known for actually bribing the messenger services to send them advance warning of the more lucrative contacts, getting a one up over the other Unions in their Ward. This and other such underhanded dealings are ignored by the Corporations in control of the districts as the penalties for failing to deliver on a shipment are usually high enough to discourage Unions from taking on all the contracts and risk not meeting all the deadlines. Of course this just means some Unions will resort to sabotage so that their competitors will fail even if they were the ones to have the contract.

Confrontations can be as small-scale as a bar-fight between disastified brawlers up to whole districts engaged in open conflict, many Union workers wielding products from their own furnaces. The larger Unions will send in their Technicals, construction Mechs armed with the tools of their trade: rivet-guns and water-jet plasma. These tools of industry, refined for working on plastics and metals, can do horrific damage to a man.

Such disagreements are usually short and fierce but sometimes they go on too long or prove to be too disruptive to the districts and maybe even the Ward they’re in itself. At times like these the Peacekeepers will be forced to move in and restore some order. Peacekeeper Companies are better equipped than the Union workers with military-grade armour, vehicles and equipment. It doesn’t take long for the district to calm down and for everyone to get back to work but the grudges will simmer below the surface until they inevitably boil over again.

This bundle will allow you to build a 2.5' by 2.5' table of Industrial terrain, which includes magnets, for changing the layout of the buildings, platforms and scatter terrain.

This kit contains:

  • 28S-JES-112 x3
  • 28S-JES-113 x2
  • 28S-JES-114 x2
  • 28S-JES-A06
  • 28S-JES-A07
  • 28S-JES-A10 x2
  • 28S-JES-A11
  • 28S-JES-A12
  • 28S-JES-A13 x2
  • 28S-JES-A14
  • 28S-JES-A15
  • 28S-JES-A16
  • 28S-JES-S3
  • 28F-GOC-A05
  • 28F-GOC-A25
  • 28F-GOC-A26 x2
  • 28F-GOC-A27
  • 28F-GOC-A28
  • 10S-JUZ-A06
  • 10S-JTS-A01
  • 10S-JTS-A02
  • 10S-JTS-A03


Minitures by Games Workshop.

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