Jesserai Industrial Ward Set with Magnets

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Jesserai Industrial Ward Set

28S-JES-S3 this is a “28Standard” 4Ground model with high detail and pre-painted parts.

Even though the Industrial Wards are deep within the 21 kilometre tall Olympus Mons the old lava channels they built in are still massive, some with ceilings over 1/2 a kilometre above their ground level.  In fact the largest, Industrial Ward 17, has a full VTOL force, that would rival many city states, at the command of the Peacekeepers to suppress any issues.

Conflict in the Industrial Wards can be sudden with anything from gang fights to corporate espionage taking place.  The worse incident in Industrial Ward 32  was when a group of Jesserai Rebirthers planned on detonating atomics and destroying the Ward.  If they had done this the damage would have been catastrophic as the layer between Ward 32 and Industrial Ward 18 was only 200 metres, meaning the destruction of one may have destroyed the other.

Magnets Included;

160 x 3mm SQUARE Magnets

100 x 3mm WIDTH x 2mm HEIGHT CIRCLE Magnets

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