Karag-Haim Offadreoz Dwelling 2

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28S-FKH-102 is a ‘28S’ 4Ground model kit, ‘28S’ means this kit is highly detailed inside and outside with many pre-painted parts.

Dreozende (Dwarven Folk) culture is based on two major events in their history, the coming of Flaeskeorg and his siblings and the expulsion of the Morgenende (Tomorrow Folk) from the Fabled Realms.  Of these two events the arrival of Flaeskeorg and the teaching of steel is seen as the greatest event in Dreoz history.  Flaeskeorg came in the time of Mythlond and led the Dreoz that would follow underground to teach them the ways of steel, this was in direct conflict with Akennikge’s (the Hag Queen) decrees and after many hundreds of years Flaeskeorg and his siblings had to return to the sky to fight the war of heaven.  In the years since knowledge of metallurgy has spread throughout the realms with even the Aylf (elves) taking to it.

All Dreoz buildings have over the hearth and the door an image of their ancestors, this is different for every clan and wards away evil.  Most Dreoz believe that when their ancestors die they go to Aesktyr (The War In Heaven) to fight alongside Flaeskeorg against the encroaching of Akennikge.

Offadreoz (over dwarf) buildings have tiled roofs with a trough running along it, these troughs are used in the karagian mountains to hold water as during the summer temperatures are very high.  This allows them to collect rainwater with the end stoppered so that in the morning the Dreoz can remove the stopper and collect the fresh rainwater.


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