Mordanburg Highstreet House 3 Wooden Panels

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This is a RETRO FIT option, after your original kit has been built, even at a later date, this kit can be added to it.  Here we offer wooden panelling add-ons that fit over the plaster work between the timbers of the original finished model kit.

Aging dwellings in locations overly effected by damp, such as sleepy hollows, close by misty marshes, or in and around dockside alleys often have their crumbling daub plaster replaced with wooden panelling over time.  Replacing this is done, panel by panel, as and when needed, so often aging buildings can gain an almost patchwork appearance.  To achieve this aging look you may wish to not cover all the plaster panelling on your model. 

Whereas buildings alongside meandering wide rivers, or those on lake town islands, would probably have almost all the panelling between external timbers as wooden panelled from the start.  For such a building all the wooden panels in this kit can be used to cover all the external panels.

The instructions for this kit can be found here.

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