Mordanburg Highstreet House 4 Barge Boards

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This is a RETRO FIT option, after the original kit has been built, even at a later date, this add on can be added.  Here we offer two sets of wooden bargeboards to fit on either gable end of your fabled realms building.  This is enough to fit on the roof ends of one building.

Bargeboards that are fitted to the edge of a roof verge are intended to prevent strong winds getting under the very edge of the roof and lifting the roof from the building (some folks call them vergeboards).  Another bargeboard is the Bargus, this is set back in from the verge and is there to held support the roof up as a scaffold.

These bargeboards really change the look of this building, especially when wooden panelling is used along with added strips of roof tiles.

The instructions for this kit can be found here.

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