Palisade Fort Gate

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28S-FAR-122 this is a “28Standard” 4Ground kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

The sound of the gate cracking under some massive blow made Enrico turn towards them.  Near the gate a couple of initiates were down, long splinters from the shattered planks that had made up part of the gate protruding from their limp forms.  The gate itself was still standing but some of the planks had shattered and the mass of bodies behind the gate could be seen through it.

Then another concussive boom came from the gate as it was shattered into fragments, shards of wood scything through the air hitting some of the nearby Initiates and Ascended still on their feet.  Through the now ruined gate strode a hulking beast, a Terror of the Dragoul.

This style of gate is found on walls throughout the Tueden League, whether as part of forts, village walls or the walls of roadside inns.


This kit contains 1 3" gate section.



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