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Townships in the Iapygian Sink tend to expand as the demand for the resource they are producing increases, the corporation that set up the township will often advertise in larger towns and cities about the exciting opportunities.  Otherwise the pioneers will encourage families and friends from back home to move out.  This means that townships will often have older buildings, covered in posters, graffiti and adverts, alongside newer more pristine buildings.

As the township grows it is more likely to be targeted by larger outlander groups necessitating the placement of Peacekeepers, in the smaller Townships this can be a small detachment housed in a Primary Phase Hab.  Eventually though the township will have a permanent Peacekeeper barracks where at least a contubernium of Peacekeepers will be on duty at all times.

Sink Pioneers are hardy and resilient and as such are considered good recruiting stock for Peacekeeper and Peacemaker companies.  One company in particular, the 501st Peacemaker Company, “The Legates Own”, recruits almost exclusively from “The Sink” setting up recruiting stations throughout the region.  The CEO of the 501st, Legate Robert Machiavelli states that the Legionaries recruited from “The Sink” are the most hardy and disciplined he has ever served with.

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