Promethium Forge Bulkhead Raised Octagonal Platform Set

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x1 28S-PRF-BULK-101 : Bulkhead Walls & Railings Pack
This pack is a great way to expand your Bulkhead table out. All you will need with this is one or more
of the floors in this range to create a platform!

Each Pack Contains:
x 6 Walls
x 4 Railings
x 2 Ladders

Walls = Length 75mm x Width 8mm x Height 84mm each
Railings = Length 77mm x Width 10mm x Height 27mm each
Ladders = Length 26mm x Width 20mm x Height 80mm eac

x1 28S-PRF-BULK-111 : Bulkhead Octagonal Floor
This floor has 4 slots for walls to be inserted to create a raised platform. It also has a large hole in the
centre to fit a ladder or a small staircase for access to the top.

Each pack Contains:
x1 Bulkhead Octagonal Floor

Length 205mm x Width 200mm x Height 3mm

Miniatures are for scale purposes and are not included.

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