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Old Bill Southam often reminded the good people of 'Smallbrook' Illinois that he was a boy soldier way back in the civil war.  Truth be told those two years he spent fighting turned him in to what folks tend to term as ‘A Real Man’s, Man’.  One of the ‘Good Old Boys’ to his customers, he knew well the beauty of the ‘Amber Leaf’ and it was for that reason alone that his tobacconist store was well respected in these parts.

Old Bill is dead and gone now but his son and grandson still run the family tobacconist.  They also still follow in his ways of other business and just as ‘Old Bill’ was known as ’The Gun’ by those in the know, Don Southam, his son Jack, along with the two Hodder boys, have a nice thing going behind their otherwise respectable day jobs.  Things really are looking up, now that prohibition is law; it would seam fencing liquor is going to become a nice little earner. 

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