Whitechapel to Baker Street Police Station Addon

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28S-WTB-103A this is a 28Standard 4Ground model with high detail and pre-painted parts. This is not a stand alone product, you need 28S-WTB-103 (Police Station) to use it.

If your Whitechapel to Baker Street Police Department needs to increase in size, this add-on is for you. Each add-on pack enables you to extend the Whitechappel to Baker Street Police Station by 1 floor providing additional offices and rooms for your officers. Multiple add-ons can be used for the same Police Station allowing you to drastically increase its height. Enabling you to create a towering edifice to law and order, the add-on set is perfect for central city settings.

4Ground add-on packs allow you to bring a new dimension to your gaming table, by increasing your buildings in height and opening up gaming areas.  This kit has many pre-painted parts and, as you would expect from 4Ground, comes to you with high levels of internal and external detailing. The external walls have been etched with a high quality brickwork effect, making the building fit perfectly into any Victoriana setting. Internally there are multiple offices and rooms giving you more variety and space inside the building.

As usual this storey is removable allowing maximum in-game access to each one of the many rooms. Once placed floors are locked in with locator lugs in each corner.

28mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures not included.
This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 6

1 x 28mm Whitechapel to Baker Street Police Station Addon

Product Code: 28S-WTB-103A

Figures painted by Kev Dallimore

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