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The powerful Wizards which roam the Frozen City Ruins wield great powers such as being able to create portals for their forces to travel
great distances in an instant or even conjure illusory walls and doors to block their opponent’s movements and attacks which can turn the
tide of battle in their favour!

Product designed by Supreme Littleness Designs, Produced by 4Ground Publishing.

This Set Contains:

1x 28S-SLD-FCR-171 - Wooden Doors

With the doors of the Frozen City all thawed and corroded away over time the only doors which exist are the ones created by cunning
Wizards as obstacles to their opponents...

This pack contains x4 wooden doors, 2 with left-side lock and 2 with a right-side lock. These fit perfectly into the doorframes of the other
Frozen City Ruin kits in the range!

Length 28mm x Width 28mm x Height 55mm each

1x 28S-SLD-FCR-172 - Portals

Some Wizards can manipulate space time to create portals from one area to another across short distances and with more powerful
individuals they can span even greater distances with practice. Portals allow any who pass through to appear on the other side
instantly which drastically reduces travel time and will help forces get the drop on their opponent by appearing from seemingly nowhere!

This pack contains x4 Portals

Length 84mm x Width 28mm x Height 80mm each

1x 28S-SLD-FCR-173 - Wall Illusion

Some Wizards can conjure great spells such as this one, the Wall Illusion which forms a Solid Stone wall just like those found in the
Frozen City Ruins and the Illusion can sometimes be so strong it acts as if its real by stopping movement though it and even blocking
ranged attacks making it an excellent tool a cunning Wizard can use to stop their opponents and shield themselves as well as their

This pack contains x1 Wall Illusion.

Length 152mm x Width 28mm x Height 76mm

1x 28S-SLD-FCR-174 - Area Spells

Most Wizards are able to conjure close range spells which act as auras around themselves! These markers are great for displaying
an aura in use with one being a magical effect aura for more hostile spells and another which can be used as a rough ground aura to
slow enemies around the Wizard to make him harder to reach or to show a more defensive spell is in use!

This Pack contains x1 Purple Spell aura and x1 Stone Spell aura.

Length 84mm x Width 84mm x Height 3mm
Length 76mm x Width 76mm x Height 2mm

This Set contains 4Ground Render Powder (4GRP) to create an enhanced stone-effect and to cover up some of the
burned edges to create an immersive finish on your kits!

Miniatures are for scale purposes only and are not provided.

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Frozen City Ruins - Spells & Illusions Set

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