• 15mm D-Day: Operation Charnwood

Operation Charnwood was a British offensive as part of the overall battle for the city of Caen in 1944. There were many battles in Normandy over this time period as the Allied armies pushed the German forces back towards Germany. This bundle of buildings can be used to represent the city-fighting in and around Caen or any of the other towns/cities caught up in the fighting in northern France.

This bundle deal includes the following kits:

15S-EAW-103 - 15mm Terrace 01
15S-EAW-104D - 15mm Damaged Semi Detached 01
15S-EAW-105D - 15mm Damaged Semi Detached 02
15S-EAW-107 - 15mm Shop
15S-EAW-109 - 15mm Terrace 02
15S-EAW-125 - 15mm Corner Grocers
15S-EAW-126 - 15mm Corner Bakery

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15mm D-Day: Operation Charnwood

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