This is the line of MDF ships for the miniature naval game “Admiral”. All models are carefully designed to represent as best as possible the real units
involved in the war and no source has been forgotten to guarantee an historically coherent shape for all the units, from the powerful battleships to the
little destroyers.

All ships are in 1:1850 Scale

This pack contains both the Royal Navy Starter Set and the German Navy Starter Set to create an awesome 2-Player Starter set for you and a friend to
battle across the open sea in a World War 2 setting!

Go to to find the free demo version of Admiral (called Rules Simplified on the website) to try it out with your new
fleets! There is also all the components for markers and templates for use in game available to download for free!

Royal Navy Starter Set:
X1 HMS Prince Of Wales Battleship
Length 120mm x Width 18mm x Height 16mm

X1 HMS Norfolk Heavy Cruiser
Length 102mm x Width 10mm x Height 12mm

X2 HMS Gloucester Light Cruisers
Length 96mm x Width 13mm x Height 19mm Each

X4 O-Class Destroyers
Length 56mm x Width 6mm x Height 10mm Each

German Navy Starter Set:
X1 Scharnhorst Battlecruiser
Length 128mm x Width 17mm x Height 22mm

X1 Blücher Heavy Cruiser
Length 113mm x Width 11mm x Height 17mm

X1 Leipzig Light Cruiser
Length 98mm x Width 9mm x Height 16mm

X1 Nürnberg Light Cruiser
Length 98mm x Width 9mm x Height 15mm

X4 Z-Class Destroyers
Length 63mm x Width 6mm x Height 6mm

This kit is supplied un-assembled and un-painted.

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Admiral 2-Player Starter Set

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