Product designed by Supreme Littleness Designs, Produced by 4Ground Publishing.

These kits are supplied with 4GRP - Render Powder

Each floor tile measures at roughly 28mm x 28mm

In this pack are:
One (1) 5x5 ruined square base Length 140mm x Width 140mm x Height 3mm
One (1) 3x3 ruined square base Length 84mm x Width 84mm x Height 3mm
Five (5) 3x2 ruined rectangular bases Length 84mm x Width 56mm x Height 3mm
Three (3) 2x1 ruined rectangular bases Length 56mm x Width 28mm x Height 3mm
One (1) 1x1 ruined square base Length 28mm x Width 28mm x Height 3mm

These can be combined to cover an area roughly Length 336mm x Width 140mm x Height 3mm

Miniatures Not Included.

These Frozen City floors can be used as standalone models but they are also part of a range of modular scenery. The ruins are designed with square floor tiles that are uniform across ground floors, upper floors, and even steps and stairs! One standard floor tile is sized to comfortably accommodate a 28mm miniature mounted on a 25mm base. The floor models on their own together with the door models from kit SLD-28s-FCR-171 might be useful for dungeon-crawl type games. These particular floor models are made up of floor tiles that are more fragmented in appearance.

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Frozen City Ruins - Floor Fragments

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